Black man with dogs mistaken for burglar in US


A black Californian man who was reported to police by a neighbor while out walking his dogs has become one of the latest victims of apparent racial profiling in the United States. Nigerian-born Ike Iloputaife’s nightmare, which has grabbed headlines, began last month when he took his borzoi (Russian wolfhound) dogs for their daily early-morning walk in his San Diego neighborhood.
A woman took a picture of him, saying he was a “stranger” on her street, and shared it with police following a burglary in the neighborhood.The photograph was used by the San Diego Sheriff’s Department to identify Iloputaife as a “person of interest” in the burglary investigation.
Iloputaife said he was on vacation when the press release bearing his picture was released and was informed by a neighbor that he was a crime suspect on his return home.
“This is my first encounter with law enforcement,” he told the local KPBS radio station in an interview this week recounting his ordeal. “I don’t know how they handle things in general, but they haven’t handled it well in this case.”He added that it was clear the color of his skin played a key role in him being photographed by a neighbor and then sucked into a criminal probe.