High Court bangs Haryana government’s bluff



Honesty whispers “Don’t get pricked by the thorns of lie.
– Angelica Hopes

The Haryana government took a beating from the High Court in the Murthal mass rapes in Haryana. The state government was embarrassed when the police which had earlier denied sternly in media and TV that no rape took place during the nine day Jat agitation informed the court that they were investigating two complaints filed by two rape victims. The government has now admitted to the possibility of rapes. Submitting the SIT report in the form of an affidavit,  the Murthal gang rape case, SIT chief IG Mamta Singh informed the court that the police have included Sect 376-D pertaining to rape in the FIR.
The inefficiency of the Ram Raj government and its inexperience was exposed when a barrage of hard hitting questions were asked. The government which has been shouting of good administration and good governance from the roof top cut a sorry figure. The roof is collapsing everywhere for BJP.
The court proceedings exposed the miserable failure of the administration in every step. The Punjab and Haryana court asked, “Has Haryana adopted a new CrPc? How are you carrying out investigations without registering a FIR? Dubbing it as eyewash, the court asked “Under what authority or provisions is the SIT carrying out investigations? The court also pulled up the police for not maintaining a case diary. On the Prakash Singh inquiry, the Division bench told the government that it will not take any action since the report is not statutory.
Murthal story is a classic example of lethargy of official machinery and an irresponsible state government. The incident did not stirr the police to action even though a firsthand input about the rape was provided by the national daily, The Tribune. The newspaper reported that commuters going towards Delhi were attacked by goons in the wee hours, who set ablaze cars, pulled out women and raped them  in the nearby fields. Terrified by the ordeal, the women lay still in the fields till their men folk came looking for them. Residents of nearby Hassanpur and Kurad villagers provided clothes and blankets to the victims. Such a gruesome gang rape with proven facts and testimony of neighbours, was dismissed as rumour by the police. This was hotly debated in all the TV channels.
Now, with the HC’s observations, the Khattar government which was hither to in a mode of complete denial, had to concede that killers, rapists and arsonists had a “happy field day” from February 18th to 23rd. The state government’s attitude and inaction is testimony of BJP’s failure. Haryana government’s failure to mobilize manpower resources and push police to action to deal with such a volatile situation is unpardonable. Worse is the initial idiotic attempt by the government to hide the gang rape and molestation. It is a reflection of the quality of politicians and party in power.  It is the duty of the government to protect life, property from crimes. But for the rape victims, who had a horrifying experience,  but bold enough to expose the truth, the government would have conveniently branded it as rumour and got away with it. BJP which keeps bragging about political acumen and good governance should do some retrospection. The Tribune in its editorial observes “a party that promises “Ram Rajya” has violated every cardinal principle of good governance. Only a vigilant High Court has ensured a modicum of accountability.” Hopefully we will all not see Rakshasa Rajya. BJP is going that way. This issue will get sidelined   for a few days due to the fact that Khattar and his colleagues are busy locating Guru Dronacharya’s ashram in Guru Gram (new name).  If Khattar is dreaming of gaining any vantage sentimentally, it will prove to be a myth. BJP has a tough time ahead.