‘Irumbu Thirai’: A cybercrime thriller


Director P.Smithran
Cast Vishal, Samantha, Arjun,Delhi Ganesh
Vishal’s Irumbu Thirai, directed by PS Mithran, is a cyber–crime thriller. What makes the film tick is its topicality with the Aadhar controversy and recent Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal.
Kathiravan (Vishal) is an upright army officer but he has anger issues and so his higher officials send him to psychologist Rathi Devi (Samantha) who turns him into a matured person and gets him back his lost family. Kathiravan hates his dad (Delhi Ganesh) for his irresponsibility and his nature of running away from loan sharks. But to conduct the wedding of his sister, Vishal has no other go but to submit forged documents to get loan. However, a cybercrime network headed by White Devil aka Sathyamurthy (Arjun) swindle all the money from his dad account. Now Kathir has to trace out this dangerous stranger and unmasks him in front of the thousands of innocent middle class people.
Vishal is fit for an army officer’s role and gives a restraint performance. His emotional scenes with Delhi Ganesh is a major highlight. Samantha looks pretty and does a neat job in a brief commercial heroine role.
Though Arjun comes only in a few scenes, his majestic screen presence is felt because of the solid buildup given for his character. The cat and mouse game between Vishal and Arjun in the second half has been cleverly handled, both of them gets upper hand with each situation and entertains us throughout. Arjun outperforms everyone including Vishal in all the scenes he appear and it shows his expertise.