Jurassic park: Action-packed entertainer


Director : J.A. Bayona
Cast  : Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeff Goldblum
Jurassic world Fallen Kingdom, the action-packed entertainer raked up huge expectations as the teasers and trailers promised many adrenaline-pumping episodes that were meant to be savored on the big screens.
The monumental Jurassic world which has been abandoned for 3 years is under the danger of extinction as a fatal volcanic eruption is on course to wipe out the entire dinosaur population on the island. It is up to the United States government to save the species, but the officials decide to let them die, saying that the mutual co-existence of dinosaurs and humans is far from sanity.
However, Owen(Chriss Pratt) and Claire(Bryce Dallas) try their best to save the dinosaur species with help from a private organization. These two have previously worked together when the Jurassic world was fully functional. But the problem they have to overcome here is much bigger when compared to the hurdles they faced a few years ago. Can they emerge victorious in saving an untamable and uncontrollable species? If yes, can dinosaurs share the world with modern-day humans? Watch the movie on big screens to know the answers.On the whole, Jurassic World-Fallen Kingdom is yet another action-packed outing from the world-renowned Jurassic World franchise.