Slew of sops for handlooms, more white silk units: Edapadi


Chennai, June 14:
The Chief Minister announced in the Assembly under rule 110 a slew of sops to the textile sector as next to agriculture it has been giving direct as wells indirect employment to thousands of people. Taking this into consideration Jayalalithaa took several innovative steps to raise the standards of living of the weaving population and his government ,Edapadi said, has been giving top priority for their welfare and development.
Following steps were announced:
1. To give employment to thousands of handloom and power loom weavers thoughout the year more productive steps will be taken as under:
a. From next Pongal till June additional production of dhoties, sarees and other varieties will be undertaken.
b.From July to December 9692 pedalled handlooms were producing dhoties and sarees .Now an additional 1588 pedalled handloom weavers will be given jobs for the same six month period.
c.Pedal handloom weavers numbering 4275 who were producing free uniforms will be given job orders to under dhotis and sarees scheme from February to March.
e. Pedal weavers who remain jobless every year in January will be given job orders for that month under the free dhoti, saree production scheme. R. 15 crores will be spent for that purpose.
2.To promote textile sales a global textile exhibition will e held in Codisia in Coimbatore at a cost of Rs.2 crores.
3.Tamil Nadu Cooperative Yarn Processing centre for school uniforms is fully functional fro seven months February to August and thereafter they have little work. Considering this a colour processing plant with 2 ton 60 S combed yarn will be set up to make the yarn centre have production round the year and make profit.
4.Tamil Nadu tops in white silk production all along. To further increase production with a capacity to process 20 lakhs silk cocoons a unit will be set at a cost of Rs.1.50 crores. Already two such units one in Hosur and another in Krishnagiri were functioning.
6. To end shortage of silk weaving units in the State govt will take following steps a Govt will offer Rs.5.77 crores to start a 400 capacity loom.b.A 200 loom capacity at a cost of Rs.19.95 lakhs.c.A Dupian silk production centre at a cost of Rs.11.44 lakhs. d. for starting 25 1000 capacity sild production unit Rs.6.81 crores. e.From two yearn twisting centre Rs.10.4 will be given.