11-yr-old builds 3D printed Lamborghini

A Colorado physicist is putting his scientific expertise to a practical purpose – using a 3D printer to build a Lamborghini with his 11-year-old son.

Erie resident Sterling Backus and his son, Xander, 11, started work on their full-size, working model of an Italian supercar – specifically the Lamborghini Aventador – when the boy asked his father if it was possible.

“One day I said to him, hey can we build one of those?” Xander Backus said.

Sterling Backus said his background as a “gear head” has thus far been more helpful than his training as as a physicist.

The car won’t be a proper Lamborghini, it contains a Corvette V8 engine and various parts procured from a junkyard, including Porsche components, but Backus said it will look like the real thing.

The father and son recently posted video of the vehicle going for a short drive test.

The duo said they hope their project will inspire more kids to get interested in STEM education.

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