27th Telegraph Schools’ Chess Mithrabha Guha lifts champion’s trophy

27th Telegraph Schools’ Chess Mithrabha Guha lifts champion’s trophy

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Paul Arokia Raj

In a scintillating finish FIDE Master Mithrabha Guha (South Point School) emerged as the straight champion with 8.5 points when he outmaneuvered Praloy Sahoo (Santragachhi Kedernath Institution) in the ninth and the final round of the 27th Telegraph Schools’ chess championship, 2018 sponsored by The Telegraph and organized by the Alekhine Chess Club which got finished today in Gorky Sadan, Kolkota.
The champion became richer by Rs.21000 apart from lifting the glittering winner’s trophy. The runner of the championship was former commonwealth champion Koustav Chatterjee (Garden High School) who also won a attractive trophy and a cash award of Rs.16000. Third place was occupied by Rajdeep Sarkar of Bhaban’s Gangabux K. V. M., Salt Lake who scored 7.5 points on account of his better tie break in a three way tie.
Playing Black Mitrabha Guha overcame stiff resistance of his opponent Praloy Sahoo in a game involving Winaver variation of Caro Kann defense. He played a masterly end game with major pieces to net a winner in the king and pawn end game after a long drawn battle of 120 moves. In a close fought game between Koustav Chatterjee and Ayanpal white pounced on the isolated black’s queen bishop pawn in Nimzo Indian defense. Koustav’s king side attack was unbearable for his opponent and he lost the balance and the game finally. Rajdeep Sarkar saddled his Queen and rooks on the d file to fall on the isolated queen pawn of black. He slowly grabbed the pawn to emerge material up to wind up the game on his 60th moves. In a King’s Indian defense game between Sanket Chakravarthy and Rupam Mukherjee, black was holding the control at the centrol for a while, but finding no break through the players split the point in 23 moves.
South Point High School led by FM Mitrabha Guha tallied a total of 28.5 to emerge as the Team champion. The first runner up Aditya Academy (Senior Secondary) school with 27.5 points. The second runner up was Vivekananda Mission School with 26.5 points.
The Parimal Mukherjee Trophy for the Best game was garnered by the champion Mithrabha Guha for his game against Rajdeep Sarkar in round no. 8.

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