3000 Ayyappa Sevadals ready to serve devotees at Sabarimala

3000 Ayyappa Sevadals ready to serve devotees at Sabarimala

3000 Ayyappa Sevadals ready to serve devotees at Sabarimala

Madurai, Nov 12:

Due to the expectations that several lakhs of people will beeline in the queues to have darshan of Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala, the All India Ayyappa Seva Sangam has made elaborate arrangements to offer their services for the conveniences of the devotees.

The temple will be opened on Nov 16th, and the sevadals who are to be entrusted with various social activities, as part of their sevadal activities, would distributed clean drinking water, including sukku coffee to the devotees from Pamba to the Sabarimala Hills.

State President of the Seva Sangam M.Viswanathan, said that their association would serve the people when paying visit not only at the time of Mandala Pooja but also during their visit for the Makara Vilakku festival.

He said that their medical-wing would look after the devotees, in the event of occurrence of any health problems or accidents etc., He said that the association’s sevadals would function from 15 oxygen parlours established for the devotees, in case they feel difficulty for breathe. The sevadals would undertake the cleaning work throughout the hills and many college students who are the members of the association, will take active role in the association’s service activities, said M.Viswanathan.

For the benefit of the devotees who experience health setback during their visit to the hills, the 24 X 7 hour sevadals would carry them to the nearby hospital and for carrying them stretchers had been arranged, said Viswanathan.

The visiting devotees would also be served meals, say for a minimum of 10,000 devotees every day.

The service and relief camps on behalf of the TN State, would be established in 14 centres and more than 3000 sevadals would be participating in the service activities, said Viswanathan.

He said, besides the sevadal, as many as 1025 health workers had also given their consent to serve on behalf of the association at the Sabarimala.

District Joint Secretary Karuppan Chetti, Nilakkal Camp Officer G.Radhakrishnan, PRO Mani and District Secretary S.P.Pandiyarajan were present.

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