60 year old women model

60 year old women model

60 year old women model

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There is a famous saying that states age as a mere number. This Scottish model Gillean McLeod has proved this saying true with her modeling career at the age of 60. She had her first professional photos taken when she was in her early 50s and her career as a model did not take off until a swimsuit shoot at the age of 60.

Born in Indonesia to a Scottish father and an American mother Gillean has a flourishing career in modeling, recently working in Germany, New York, and Los Angeles. She seems to have been working through lots of jobs which also includes a backstage stylist from her early age.

The photo for an H&M campaign showed Gillean in a simple black swimsuit, wearing no make-up and with her long white hair hanging down naturally. That changed the life of 63-year-old Gillean.

When the clothes retailer posted the image on Instagram it quickly went viral, attracting hundreds of thousands of likes. Since then Gillean’s modeling career has taken off, with her heading campaigns for brands such as Boots the chemist, Levi’s jeans and Schwarzkopf hair products.

Gillean, now 63, says that when she was young she did not ever consider herself beautiful. In her 20s, although she says she was approached about modeling, her teenage acne had affected her self-esteem and she always said no. Having lived in Los Angeles for decades, Gillian was finally persuaded to have some professional photos taken.

“I wasn’t really convinced because I had always been really shy, especially putting my face in front of a camera,” she says. “But I did it.” She says.

Gillean warns young girls looking at Instagram and magazine images that they are not real life. Gillean, here at this point in life has generalized the term beauty to all age groups irrespective of the place they live.

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