A galmarous escape of US!

A galmarous escape of US!

A galmarous escape of US!

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Palm Spring of USA defines both the classic midcentury modern vibe and the mix of stunning natural features with slick urban offerings. It embraces so many different cultures, but there’s something very cool about Greater Palm Springs. Set in Southern California’s Coachella Valley and bordered by no less than four mountain ranges, this oasis is made up of nine distinct cities with a mix of adventure in every bit of it.

Mid-century modernism and celebrity tours

In the early 1920s, Hollywood stars adopted Palm Springs as a place to escape the travails of Tinseltown. They were wowed by the fine weather, laid-back vibe and views of the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa mountains plus it was close enough to comply with the “two-hour rule” stipulating actors under contract had to be on call if needed by the studio. So the culture of building resorts and residents for the actors involving an extrinsic architectural touch is what that attracts people to go on a walking tour and cycling tours to check on what they call as the historical embellishments.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Palm Springs isn’t a solitary oasis. One cannot resist them but gaze at the dramatic desert setting of the Coachella Valley from the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. The tramcars rotate as they ascend 1½ miles through the Chino Canyon, arriving at the mountain station and cafes that are the starting point for exploring the Mount San Jacinto State Park and its 50 miles of hiking trails.

Cycle on the San Andreas Fault

A parking lot in Palm Desert is an unassuming start for this 20-mile cycle adventure, which involves riding along a section of the San Andreas Fault. There are no crossroads, no turns, and very little traffic, but there are the jagged strata and palo verde trees of Box Canyon and views of the Salton Sea. Riders also pass the desert training centre set up by General Patton to train US troops in the second world war. The support vehicle dawdles behind as you cycle and there’s time to savour the sights and smells of the grape country near the town of Mecca.

The date shake

Being a place that bears more than 90 percent of the world’s dates Palm Spring becomes the place of the Date shake. The founders of Shields Date Garden in Indio, came up with a feature of series of sculptures portraying events from Jesus’s life alongside their date palms, with a way to crystallize the dates, turning them into something resembling oatmeal. From this then came the idea of mixing them with ice cream, thus creating the unofficial beverage of Palm Springs the date shake. It is widely had in Palm spring irrespective of the occasion.

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