Agumbe, a roar of beauty

Agumbe, a roar of beauty

Agumbe, a roar of beauty

Nestled on a plateau on top of Someshwara Ghat at a distance of 380 km from Bangalore Agumbe often called the Cherrapunji of South India is known for its scenic beauty and bio-diversity. It is situated in the Shimoga district of Karnataka and gets its sobriquet because it receives 7,640 mm of annual rainfall, the second-highest in India which makes it the must-visit place of monsoon.

The Sunset Point

Agumbe is known for its hypnotizing sunsets and one can’t afford to miss it. The Sunset Point is a 10-minute walk from the main town. It is also the highest peak in the Western Ghats where one can witness one of the most beautiful sunsets over the Arabian Sea.

Gopalakrishna Temple – A temple of Hoysala Period

Gopalakrishna Temple has been attracting travelers and tourists for years. This is a 14th-century temple of the Hoysala Period, which is also a popular landmark in the town. There are 108 steps leading from the basement to the Garbha Gruha which symbolize 108 names of Lord Krishna.

Barkana Falls

Counted in the league of India’s highest waterfalls, Barkana Falls is located at a height of about 850ft. The 10th highest waterfall is situated in the middle of a dense forest of the Western Ghats area. The waterfall is formed by Seeta River which flows through the region. You can also trek to Barkana Falls through the lush rainforest for the mesmerizing views.

Jogi Gundi Falls

Jogi Gundi Falls is located in Agumbe’s rainforest. The fall was named after a saint or a yogi who used this place for meditating. This is not like any other waterfall where water falls from a height or in multiple folds. Jogi Gundi Falls come out of a cave running through the hills. The waterfall is about 4 km from the main town and the last 1 km needs to be trekked.


Malgudi, a fictitious town from R.K. Narayan’s novel is actually Agumbe Village. It was here that Swami and friends played in the dusty alleys and by the waters of Sarayu River without a care in the world. Even if you have never heard of Malgudi, after entering Agumbe Village you’ll realize that this place is the utopia you always wanted to live in.

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