‘Airaa’ Nayan shines in horror

‘Airaa’  Nayan shines in horror

‘Airaa’ Nayan shines in horror

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‘Airaa’ is a horror flick; one of the most exploited genres in the history of Tamil cinema.
The film filled with regular elements of Tamil horror thrillers including eerie camera angles, dark shots, haunted bungalow, creaky doors, rocking chairs and a little strange boy.Yamuna (Nayanthara) is a journalist writing an Agony Aunt column and she hates her mundane job. She wants to start a programme on YouTube but her boss discourages. Yamuna’s parents also constantly pressurize her to get married. To come out of this nagging situation, Yamuna goes to her grandma’s place in Pollachi. The lonely bungalow and the eerie atmosphere motivates her to start a new YouTube channel in which she creates fake ghost videos and eventually becomes popular on internet.
Meanwhile, a bunch of people commits suicide from the rooftop of their buildings. Writer Amudhan(Kalaiyarasan) feels that the deaths of these people are linked to his lover Bhavani (a dark skinned Nayanthara) who lost her life in a road accident. Just when things go smoothly for Yamuna, her grandma is dragged out of her bungalow by a supernatural power and she is hospitalised. Later, Yamuna finds out that Bhavani’s spirit has attacked her grandma. What’s even more shocking is that Bhavani’s next target is Yamuna, but why?
With a terrific performance, Nayan hits all the right notes. She infuses the part with the right portions of vulnerability, restraint, and quiet strength, delivering a performance that is nothing short of perfect. She cries so naturally that you start believing that her emotions are real and the character Bhavani exists in front of you!
Kalaiarasan as Amudhan delivers a calm and composed performance. While the flashback portions are written with a lot of maturity, the characters – young Bhavani (Gabrella Sellus), and young Amudhan (Maathevan) deliver splendid performances.

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