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Airhostess’ heartwarming note to deaf passenger

Airhostess’ heartwarming note to deaf passenger

Airhostess’ heartwarming note to deaf passenger

A heartwarming gesture by a flight attendant has left Twitter teary-eyed and it will be the best thing you will come across today.

An air hostess onboard an Endeavor Air flight, a subsidiary of Delta Airlines, recently wrote a note for a deaf passenger to make her flight experience more accessible and easy.

The mother of the deaf passenger took to her Twitter account to share the picture of the handwritten note that the attendant gave her daughter.

She shared the picture with the caption, “My daughter who is Deaf took a flight by herself! The attendant handed her this note on the plane! Delta makes it amazing! @Delta.”

The note that the attendant wrote for the woman read, “Hi Good Morning Ashley, My name is Janna and I will be your flight attendant on today’s flight to JFK. There are two buttons above your head a yellow one that controls the reading light and a big gray one with a person on it that you can use to call me, if you need anything.

In case of emergency the nearest exit is behind you. Those are our over wing exit.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need any assistance. Again my name is Janna and welcome aboard our CRJ200 aircraft.

– Your flight attendant

Janna =)”

After the mother of the deaf passenger posted the picture of the note online, people were left awestruck by the attendant’s warm gesture.

One user wrote, “Wow…what the flight attendant did is inspiring. There is no user manual or HR process for empathy. Kudos to @Delta for empowering their employees to show #empathy and caring. Treat your employees like Customer #1, and watch remarkable customer experiences unfold.”

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