All’s not well between Biggboss fame Nithya and Balaji

It’s known that actor Thaadi Balaji and his wife Nithya had some issues till a while ago as the couple was living separately. Interestingly, movie buffs were surprised to see both of them as the contestants in the reality show Bigg Boss Tamil. Many were curious to know how the couple would face each other and perform various tasks together in the house they were supposed to spend several days.

In fact, Kamal Haasan, the host of the show, suggested that the duo should forget about the indifference they have to start a fresh life at least for the sake of their daughter.

The two of them started living together again for the past few months without any issues. However, Nithya had lodged a complaint a few days ago at Madhavaram police station alleging that Balaji is torturing her and daughter mentally and physically. She also added that Balaji has been issuing death threats daily after getting drunk and that he has been bringing his friends and goons to threaten the mother and daughter.

Nithya has also accused him of spreading false stories about her on WhatsApp. According to her, what irked Balaji is her association with a woman’s organisation which is said to be involved in social activities.

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