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Altanta, World of Coca cola!

Altanta, World of Coca cola!

Altanta, World of Coca cola!

When considering Atlanta attractions, visitors often find that there’s a perfect blend of past and present, of history both gone and in the making. Yet while this combination can be entrancing, it can also be overwhelming. Here are a few tourist attractions to keep you engaged while in Atlanta.

Centennial Olympic park:

Created for the 1996 Summer Olympics that was hosted in this city, Olympic Park continues to be a tourist draw every year. Located downtown between the Aquarium and the CNN center, the park has several fun features. An interactive fountain of Olympic rings is synchronized with lights, water jets and music. This is surrounded by a collection of the flags of all of the host nations of the previous Olympics.

Martin Luther King Jr. historic site:

This historic site includes several buildings, including the boyhood home of this civil rights leader, as well as the church where his father, and later King himself first came to preach. The firehouse that was once a main community center in the sixties, a civil rights walk of fame, and the “I Have a Dream” international world peace rose garden are also a part of this historic park. Opposite to the visitor center, a large mural depicts scenes in Dr. Martin Luther King’s life.

World of Coca cola:

In 1886, a chemist named Dr John Pemberton devised a syrup designed to relieve headaches. A friend of his mixed the glutinous liquid with water and carbonic acid, and the result of the mixture soon became the world’s most popular soft drink. The World of Coca-Cola illustrates the history and triumphal progress of the world-famous drink in entertaining ways that will please all ages.

Inside CNN Studio Tour

Are you a news junkie? Want to see how the news is made, or maybe just catch a glimpse of a CNN anchor? Take the Inside CNN Studio Tour and you might get both! This news giant offers behind the scenes tours every day. Slip into the control room, get a glimpse at news in the making and try your hand at being a meteorologist!

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