Amala Paul opens up about her second marriage

Actress Amala Paul got divorced in 2017 due to misunderstandings with director Vijay, who she had married in 2014. During the promotions of her film Aadai, Amala Paul had revealed that she was in a relationship, but did not disclose the identity of her partner.

While there were speculations recently that the actress was in a live-in relationship with Mumbai-based singer Bhavninder Singh, a few pictures of them together in a marriage ceremony made the rounds on the internet. While the the photos from Bhavninder’s instagram page were deleted soon after, there were no comments about the alleged marriage from Amala Paul.

While we tried reaching out to Amala to get her version of this story, her publicists stated that they weren’t aware of a wedding. Another source told us that Amala and Bhavninder had met through a common friend, and had dated each other, but have now broken up. But looks like the talented actress has finally opened up about her second marriage.

In a recent interview, Amala has stated, “My wedding has some more time to happen. I am currently busy with films. Once they are done, I will announce about my wedding. I spoke about my love. So I will speak about my wedding too. So till then, don’t spread rumours on my weddings. I will announce it when the time comes.”

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