Amalfi Coast, Italy’s absolute bliss

The Amalfi coast is a renowned tourist destination in Italy and draws thousands of tourists annually. This stretch of mountainous coast sits in-between Naples and Salerno and encompasses the arm of the Sorrento Peninsula. The coastline includes some absolutely gorgeous towns that hug the mountains, some sublime beaches and jaw-dropping scenery. Transport to the Amalfi Coast is well developed and there is a regular bus and train service that travels to most of the popular destinations.

Head up to the heights of Ravello:

This town can be found on the top of the mountains between Amalfi and Maiori and is much more relaxed and reserved than the other busy tourist locations. A main attraction of Ravello is the Villa Rufolo – this Roman Villa offers possibly one of the best views available and is a fantastic place to simply relax, enjoy the views and bask in the gorgeous sun.

Ravello also has a range of restaurants with outdoor terraces that provide a romantic setting for an evening meal, and the Piazza Centrale is worth a visit to see the Cathedral and the Ravello Art Gallery.

Admire the pastel coloured houses of Positano:

Positano is often considered to be one of the most picturesque towns on the Amalfi coast and it is easy to see why when you look at the beautiful coloured houses that lie the mountainside. This town of Amalfi coast and is accessible by bus and is best viewed from the sea – if you can, take a boat out and try to take in the whole of Positano from the waters – the panorama of the houses and mountains is sublime.

The beach of Positano is the perfect place to relax and you can find a plethora of quality cafes, restaurants and bars on the winding streets.

Watch the fishing fleets at Cetara:

This small settlement has not been effected by tourism and retains virtually all of its original charm. If you want to see what the towns of Amalfi looked like before the area became saturated with tourist attractions then this is the place to visit.Furthermore, Cetara has the only fishing fleet that still operates in this region and you can watch the fishermen in action in their small brightly coloured boats.

Aside from the fishing activities, Cetara also has a range of high quality restaurants that serve delicious fresh seafood.

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