Anirudh to feature in Insta’s ‘Creator Day’

Chennai, Sept 28:

Instagram and Facebook recently announced their 2021 edition of Creator Day, scheduled to take place on September 30, 2021. The day-long virtual event will provide thousands of aspiring and emerging creators an opportunity to learn, earn and grow their communities on Instagram and Facebook.

The initial lineup of talent and programming for creator day is designed to help creators build their careers and personal brand, support their wellbeing, and be inspired from creators who’ve monetized well. Creators, RuheeDosani and Niharika NM will host the day. One of the most anticipated sessions of the day, is a performance by well known music composer and singer, Anirudh known for the iconic Tamil songs, ‘Why this Kolaveri di’, ‘Kanavakanave’, ‘Marana mass’ and ‘Vaathi coming’. Another anticipated panel discussion is with chef Suresh Pillai, composer and singer RK Adithya and actor and singer Abhishek Kumar. Besides this, some of India’s most influential and up-and-coming creators are also expected to make expected appearances.

The day will consist of sessions on ‘You went viral, now what?’, ‘Reels editing masterclass’, ‘Brand ban gaya friend’, ‘Algorithm mythbusting’, ‘Talk money: Get that coin on FB & Instagram’ amongst others. The day will also include sessions from Instagram and Facebook as well as industry experts from top agencies and creator-driven companies.

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