Anti-coronavirus tent!

Anti-coronavirus tent!

Anti-coronavirus tent!

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Off all possible ways that people are coming up with to set back corona virus, here is one mother who is more concerned about her daughter’s education amidst the trauma – she built her an ‘anti-coronavirus tent’.

Made of plastic mounted on a frame made with bamboo sticks, the tent reportedly allows the woman’s daughter to study outside, despite the province being the epicentre of the outbreak.

According to a Daily Mail report, Bi Mengqi attends online classes daily from their rural home. The makeshift ‘classroom’ was built outside the house since the internet connection inside wasn’t ideal.

Since local government bodies are delaying the reopening of schools in China to limit the spread of the virus, parents and institutions have now turned to online education, CNBC reported.

The video, which was first released by the Chinese state media outlet People’s Daily on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, shows the mother sitting alongside her seven-year-old.

China on Monday reported 409 new cases, raising the mainland’s total to 77,150 after a zigzag pattern of increases in recent days. The 150 new deaths from the COVID-19 illness raised China’s total to 2,592 and showed a spike after hovering below 100 for four days. All but one death were in Hubei province, where the outbreak emerged in December.

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