Arvind Swami dubs for Scar in the Tamil version

If you’ve been a fan of The Lion King, and can’t wait to watch the new film in theatres next month, we give you another reason to double up that excitement. After Siddharth – who’s given the voice for Simba – Arvind Swami is the latest one to have dubbed for the Tamil version of the film. The versatile actor has given the voice over for Scar, Simba’s nefarious uncle! Interestingly, Arvind Swami had dubbed for Simba in the Tamil version of the television series 20 years ago!

“It was a great learning experience dubbing for an animated film over 20 years ago when I dubbed for Simba in The Lion King. When I was approached this time around to dub for a character in the new version of The Lion King, I preferred to dub for Scar as I saw the character as the most interesting and multidimensional one. It was an enriching professional experience,” says Arvind Swami.

Directed by Jon Favreau, whose best remembered for helming Iron Man and The Jungle Book, The Lion King is one of the most-anticipated films of recent times. The heroic coming-of-age journey will make it to the large canvas with a pioneering and game changing photo-real technology, using cutting-edge tools to make the musical drama come alive on the big screen.

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