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Baby elephant’s first step!

Baby elephant’s first step!

Baby elephant’s first step!

Baby steps are the cutest. We tumble, we fall but it reminds us that we get up every time we fall. Video of a baby elephant attempting to take his first steps is winning the heart of netizens.

Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan shared this heartwarming video with the caption, “The first steps of a new born elephant. Shaky and slow. One day this one turn into 6,000 KG giant and with each footstep the earth will shake. That is life”.

“While mother helping him in taking the weight on those tiny legs. In elephants, birth is the most important function for family” he wrote in another post.

The video shows the baby elephant tentatively getting to her feet and attempting a few wobbly first steps, aided by her mother. The mother elephant helped the baby elephant to get up after it fell down. She even put her trunk to use to help the baby to maintain balance on its feet.

People were in awe of the video and flooded the social media with their reactions with a post read, “So cute … so natural …. learning life skills all by myself!”

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