Beach, Church and Spice, Kozhikode

Beach, Church  and Spice,  Kozhikode

Beach, Church and Spice, Kozhikode

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Kerala popularly known and believed as God’s Own Country, is an ideal destination for business traveler as well as holidaymaker. One of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia , Kerala is India’s only tropical paradise. The state is blessed with myriad features like dense tropical forests, beautiful beaches, cliffs, rocky coasts, an intricate maze of backwaters, still bays and astounding 44 radiant rivers. One such mesmerizing place in Kerala is Kozhikode, better known as Calicut.
Kozhikode will always have a special place in the history of Kerala as it is here that Vasco-da-Gama first landed and the legendary Spice Route came into existence. This region still has a historic charm to it. Kozhikode Beach is the personification of the numerous characteristics that make Kozhikode so unique.
People flock in large numbers to view the sunset from the beach. One gets a fresh supply of seafood in the shacks that surround the place. Kallumekaya (mussels) is a local favourite. A walk to Dolphins Point at dawn ensures a meeting with playful dolphins. You are also greeted by a majestic lighthouse and two piers opening into the sea. Both have been here for over a hundred years. Children flock to Lions Park and the nearby marine water aquarium which is open on all days from 08:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs.
Kozhikode District found a place in the World History with the discovery of Sea Route to India in 1498 by the Portuguese Navigator Vasco Da Gama. Vasco Da Gama landed at the Kappad sea shore with three vessels and 170 men. A monument is constucted here to commemorate the historical landing.
Kappad Beach
Serene, peaceful and beautiful. Most of the Indian beaches are overcrowded with people, beach side vendors and loads and loads of waste.
This beach has almost none of these. It’s about 17 kms from Kozhikode city and the road is good to drive. Water was rough in September but it may be because of the off season, must be calmer in winter and summer.
There are small shops for snacks and refreshments on the beach.
Tali Temple
This temple, dedicated to Lord Siva ( with smaller temples inside for other deities like Krishna, Ganapati, Durga etc) is reputed to be older than the Calicut town, as it existed even before the Zamorin established the port-city. There are many fascinating stories attached to this temple, like the scholarly competition (Revati Pattathanam) held every year to honour scholars who used to come from far.
Kozhikode city continues to be a centre of flourishing domestic and international trade. Its contribution to all round development of the district in trade, commerce and economic development over the years is spectacular. Kozhikode city is the marketing centre for commodities like pepper coconut, coffee, rubber, lemon grass oil etc., produced in Kozhikode and the neighbouring districts of Wayanad, Malappuram and Kannur.
September to May is the recommended best time to visit, but all 365 days the city is bubbling with activities.

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