Belarus, Country with robust military history!

Belarus, landlocked between Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and Russia in the Eastern Europe has a long history of being contested. Nevertheless, it has emerged out of its dark historical past to become a beautiful republic, home to some remarkable tourist attractions.

Over 40% of the country is forest land, making Belarus a travel ideal for nature-lovers and hikers. City fanatics can also get the very best out of the numerous places to visit in Belarus that boast of their popularity in the form of traditional Eastern-Orthodox inspired architecture.

The country also carries a robust military history so tourists can enjoy numerous historical castles as part of their Belarus attractions.

Nesvizh Castle:

Nesvizh Castle is one of the most popular Belarus tourist attractions and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The majestic and diverse architecture of the palace, magnificent landscape parks, ponds, the river – all this makes the Nesvizh ensemble a unique place of pilgrimage for the majority of tourists coming to our country. In the architecture of the palace and its interior decoration, you will find such styles of architecture as Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Neo-Gothic, Modernism.

Brest railway museum:

A quirky and whimsical spot in the town of Brest, located near the south western border of Belarus, the railway museum has fifty-six trains and features steam locomotives, steam cranes, diesel trains, and even a snow plough! The museum opened in 2002 to showcase train travel in Belarus and is the first open-air museum in the country. There are various festivals held at the location so check the listings when you go to see what’s on throughout the year. to be in Brest.

Victoria square:

One of the most important place in Belarus, the Victoria Square is both a famous tourist attraction as well as a pilgrimage place built in the honor of those who died in the Great Patriotic War (World War 2). It was previously known as the Victoria Circus and is a replica of the Red Square of Moscow. There is a 38 meter column or obelisk erected in the center of the Square and a 3-meter replica of the Order of Victory is there at the top of the column.


The Ghost of black lady

There is an unusual legend about the Black Lady of Nesvizh, who has been living in the castle for more than 400 years. She is the spirit of Barbara Radziwill, the wife of the King of Poland Zigimont August. When she passed away , the king so grieved for the beloved, that one day decided to call her soul with the court alchemists. Those led him into a dark room with a mirror, which was engraved with the silhouette of the late queen, and took the pledge in any case not to touch Barbara. But as soon as the ghost appeared, Zigimont rushed to him with open arms, “Basenka mine!” At that moment there was an explosion and went putrid smell … Since then, poor soul, Barbara wanders through the world, always in black – in mourning for his ruined love – and can not find the way to the grave.

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