Bigg Boss 3 : Reshma becomes the new captain

Drama. Emotions. Eviction. The weekend of Bigg Boss 3was filled with a vary of emotions. With Abhirami, Cheran, Meera, Saravanan and Mohan on the eviction list, Reshma, Saravanan and Tharshan were selected to contest in the next week Captain’s task. It was Reshma, who convincingly won the captain battle and she will be captaining the Bigg Boss house for the next week. Kavin – Sakshi saga, which preoccupied the whole week was recounted by Kamal Haasan. Kamal indeed warned Kavin not to play with the emotions of the girls. Sakshi received a surprise cake for her birthday. Further she was overwhelmed by the video played in the house, which featured her family and friends wishing her good luck.

Sakshi – Meera episode was brought to an end, courtesy – shortfilm showcased by Kamal. It was indeed Sakshi, who had suggested to arrange a meeting to discuss their dispute. It has to be remembered that the housemates were furious over Meera about this meeting issue and they assumed it was Meera, who had called for a meeting. But it was Sakshi, who had suggested for the meeting in the first place.

Kamal made fun of Kavin reminding him of the famous Goundamani – Senthil comedy of banana. This created a wave of humour in the house. On a serious note, Kamal asked Kavin not to play with the feelings of Sakshi and Losliya. Kavin apologized for his behavior and vowed not to repeat this.

A funny task was carried out in the house in which a contestant has to say a real and a fake news about the other contestant. With Saravanan being asked to quote a real and fake news about Cheran to Tharsan quoting a real and fake news abuot Sherin, this task was completed without much of a fuss.

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