Bizarre ‘Exploding Hammer’ festival injures 43

The universe never fails to amuse us with its bizarre cultures and celebrations. In that list we have “Exploding Hammer” festival of Mexico which has injured 43 people this year.

In this bizarre festival, locals carry hammers which are attached with a mixture of chlorate powder and sulfur. They hit these hammers to the ground. It explodes and the other revellers enjoy the massive clouds of smoke that are emitted.

This bombastic festival often called “Bomb Hammer Party” is celebrated in the month of February in a small Mexican town of San Juan de la Vega in remembrance of eponymous saint, San Juanito.

It is said that San Juanito had this practice of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. He became the “Mexico’s Robin Hood.” The modern day celebration is a bastardized re-enactment of San Juantito and the local dons. But which side possessed the original hammer bombs is forever lost in the smoky hazy history.

During this 400 year old Bomb Hammer Parties people get hurt. Police and medics are posted throughout, ready to manage the consequences. Thousands of people show up for this annual tradition, so while this is hilariously, undeniably dangerous, the odds of catching a serious flesh wound are actually, statistically, not that high.

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