‘Breatherian babe’ lives on oxygen alone

‘Breatherian babe’ lives on oxygen alone

‘Breatherian babe’ lives on oxygen alone

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We breathe in oxygen to live but we don’t live only on oxygen. Do we?? A woman of Minneapolis, Minnesota has revealed that she lives only on oxygen.

Audra Bear, 25 identifies herself as breatharian and claims that she fasts for up to 97 days without solids. Pranic living as she calls is said to involve living through the energy that you breathe in and absorb from the nature around you.

Audra spends up to three hours a day focusing on her breath work and mostly lives on teas, juices and smoothies. Nevertheless, Audra believes that she is breathing in ‘prana’ when she inhales. She said: ‘There is something magical about conscious, controlled breathing that brings you with a face to face meeting with yourself, it brings you back to the core of your being’.

The science behind it is that the pranic living guides the body into parasympathetic nervous system which relieves stress, aids digestion, stops cravings, increases mental clarity and happiness. This experience of prana can be attained through time in nature, sunbathing, earthing, creating and playing.

With all the dieting trends coming and fading will this breatharian top the list?

Ganesh Trinitymirror

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