Bride wears jewellery made of tomatoes


Out of all the priceless ornaments embedded with gold, diamonds, platinum and rubys, here is a bride who has opted for a tomato jewellery… to create awareness on the growing price of tomatoes I suppose.

Yes, that’s true. Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat shared a short clip of the bride’s interview with a news channel as she explained the reason behind opting for ‘tomato jewellery’.

In the video, the bride, dressed in a gold outfit, wore earrings, maang-tika, necklace and bracelets made of tomatoes. In fact, she also said that she has received pine nuts in envelopes as her wedding gift. Asked about it, she said in the interview, “The price of gold is very high. Tomatoes and pine nuts are expensive as well. So, I used tomatoes for my wedding. ”

“Tomato jewellery. In case you thought you’ve seen everything in life,” Naila captioned her post.

The video, goes without saying, has gone viral with over 32,000 views and around 3,000 likes. The internet is amused and wrote about it in the comments section of the post.

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