Britan’s fattest cat on Crash diet

Britan’s fattest cat on Crash diet

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Diet is a fancy word among humans. Now this trend of dieting has been passed on to animals, but here they are forced to diet without any choice unlike humans. A tubby tabby dubbed Britain’s fattest cat Paisley that weighted about 7lbs which is 9.5kg, double the weight of a healthy cat was put on a strict diet in a rescue home in West Sussex. Four-year-old was sent to this National Cat Adoption Centre when her owner couldn’t cope with her weight anymore. The staff at the rescue centre was ‘lost for words’ when she was handed in and even have to help her clean herself as she has become to big to manage it herself. “When I saw Paisley it took my breath away. She’s the fattest cat I’ve ever seen” says Tania Marsh, Deputy manager of the rescue centre.

It’s thought porky Paisley’s massive bulk comes from being overfed by her previous owner, combined with a lack of exercise and poor diet, which saw her weight skyrocket.

Now Paisley has started a vet-prescribed diet to help her beat the bulge and has already shifted one pound on her new healthy lifestyle.

Tania says “There are so many health risks that are coming her way because of her weight such as diabetes and heart problems”.

The cat food for Paisley is specially formulated to have less calories and it allows her to feel fuller for longer so they don’t feel hungry all the time. Along with this Regular checks with the vet is also suggested to make sure the cat doesn’t lose weight too quickly which inturn could develop a fatty liver.

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