Bungee jumping sets foot in Goa!

Bungee jumping  sets foot in Goa!

Bungee jumping sets foot in Goa!

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Goa has always been a dream destination for most of us in India. Now, Goa is all in form to offer an extra treat for all those adventure lovers out there. Bungee jumping is now ready to set foot in Goa. Jumpin Heights of Rishikesh, a popular adventure sports company, is set to expand to Goa and Lonavla. The company has conducted over 75,000 bungee jumps since 2010. Apart from bungee jumping, it also offers giant swing and flying fox.
“We are planning to launch operations in Goa by March with only bungee jumping. Work is in progress at Lonavla, which will have all the three activities,” said Manoj Kumar, co-founder and Executive Director, Jumpin Heights. In 2007, ex-armyman Rahul Nigam conceptualised the idea and approached Manoj Kumar, who was serving in the Indian army then, to join him in the project. Since then, there is no looking back.
“The entire process took almost three years and it became operational in May 2010. The idea was to come up with a dedicated zone for adventure seekers. “Earlier, activities like bungee jumping were happening in a temporary set-up and was mostly being done through crane and that to for a period of one-two months,” Kumar said.
Activities like these, where there is no scope for even a minor error, need a lot of attention to safety and security standards.
“Be it ropes, chords or the rubbers that we use, all of them are certified products. For example, the chord we use has the limit of 650 jumps but we discard it after 450 jumps. Most of the equipment we use are tested on a daily basis to ensure the safety of adventure seekers,” he said.

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