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CAA not anti-Muslim; Cong nexus behind violence: BJP

CAA not anti-Muslim; Cong nexus behind violence: BJP

CAA not anti-Muslim; Cong nexus behind violence: BJP

Asserting that the Citizenship Amendment Act poses no threat to Indian minorities including Muslims, BJP National General Secretary P. Murlidhar Rao Saturday claimed that a nexus among Congress, Communists and fundamentalists was behind violent protests over the newly passed law in the country.

“Congress, Communists and fundamentalist lobby is behind the organized violent protests over the CAA. The nexus has been created to harm the nation,” Rao said addressing a seminar on CAA which was organized by the BJP here.He said the CAA would do nothing to Indian Muslims.

“All the Indian minorities including Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Christians, Parsis and others will remain Indian citizens forever,” Rao said.

Accusing the opposition particularly Congress of “misleading the nation”, he said “all the major chaos could be linked to the age-old party which has reversed from its role all over from the day of its inception.” He also accused Congress of playing politics on the name of Mahatma Gandhi and said “even he could not have thought that his name will be misused by Congress and its leaders at every level in the post Independence era.” The BJP leader said his party can never do anything “unconstitutional” and said “the passage of the bill and becoming an act was done in accordance with the spirit of the Constitution of India.” “BJP believes that nation and the government is over and above all religions. A region may change its religion over centuries but the duty of the present government of the land is to serve the nation and its citizens.” he said.

Blaming former Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru for “giving away” the important part of erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir to Pakistan which is presently known as Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, he said “this mistake has made possible the direct link of Pakistan and China forming a major socio-economic corridor in the region”.

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