Cameroon, a voyage of discovery!

Cameroon, a voyage of discovery!

Cameroon, a voyage of discovery!

Cameroon is located in the Bight of Bonny around the Gulf of Guinea. The country is situated in the Central-Western part of the African continent. The country being in the equatorial regions is endowed with dense rain-forests, nurture diverse flora and fauna. The Atlantic coastline provides for beautiful beaches and other geographical features making Cameroon a viable and interesting tourist location. C


West Africa may not be known for beautiful cities but Cameroon’s capital Yaounde certainly is one. The city is immaculately planned to be spread over seven hills meaning that the numerous buildings in the city are separated by stretches of lush green and rising terrain. In addition to its layout, the city is clean and safe with plenty of points of interest. The 1970’s government buildings here will appeal to culture buffs and are unusual looking to say the least.


Limbe, formerly known as Victoria is a port city, reminding the people of its British and German colonial past, and in turn responsible for the diverse flora and fauna of this region, extending from exotic crops to plantations of coffee, rubber and cocoa, which puts the Botanical Centre on the recommended sightseeing list. The Limbe Wildlife Centre is an exception to the zoos in Africa and is one of the most santurized park providing almost natural habitat to its residents and provides a close-to-nature experience.

Waza National Park

About 180 miles to the north of Maroua is Waza National Park. This park looks very different during the four seasons but is always a good place to witness some of the country’s most spectacular wildlife including elephants, giraffes and hyenas. Self-drive vehicles are allowed to explore the park but you will need a guide. This is not a bad thing as you are much more likely to see the wildlife with a local guide that knows their stuff.


For art lovers, Foumban is a must-see city in Cameroon. The city has its roots in arts, music and architecture. It is also the city in Cameroon with the largest Muslim population. The city is much like a blend of North and West Africa with its Islamic influences. The Royal Palace and its adjoining museum is the main attraction here although the city’s mosque is also worth a visit while you are here.

Traditional taste

Meat pie

Most countries have their own type and versions of meat pie but have you ever tasted the meat pie from Cameroon. This unique and nutritious meat pie comes in an inviting small-shaped dumpling packed with amazing stuffing/filling that is full of flavor. The filling commonly consists of ground beef, one medium-sized chopped onion, one large grated carrot, sliced red bell peppers, seasonings of your choice. One can add sardine fillets, chopped parsley to the well-made meat pie dough.

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