Caronaa and Covviyd-19!

An advertisement by an Andhra Pradesh-based man who claims to change the spelling of Covid-19 can dispel the virus, is taking rounds in the internet.

A Twitter user shared a picture of the advertisement along with a caption that read, “You can find comedy anywhere these days.” In the advertisement, the spelling of ‘Corona’ and COVID-19′ was changed to ‘Caronaa’ and ‘Covviyd-19’ respectively.

“If you use the changed spelling of CARONAA and COVVIYD-19 by affixing the same to either door or in public places or by tying the banner in all public places, CARONAA will be disappeared from not only from Ananthapuram dist. but also from the world. This is a guarantee as it is divine power as per NUMEROLOGY,” read the banner.

Interestingly, the man behind the ad was SV Annandd Rao, who, according to the banner, is a stenographer at a judicial department in Ananthapuram. Rao, who seems to have added extra Ns and Ds in his name, also shared his contact details for further assistance.

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