Chandrayaan 2: We may have had a stumbling block but we won’t stop, says PM Modi

Chandrayaan 2: We may have had a stumbling block but we won’t stop, says PM Modi

Chandrayaan 2: We may have had a stumbling block but we won’t stop, says PM Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 7 addressed the nation at 8 a.m. from ISRO Control Centre, Bengaluru and expressed solidarity with ISRO scientists after Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram module lost communication with the ground station during the powered descent leading to huge disappointment.

“You [ISRO scientists] are those people who live for India’s victory, for her success and strive to keep India’s head high. You dedicate your lives for this. I could read the disappointment in your eyes last night. Therefore didn’t stay long amidst you. Friends we may have had some obstacles. But our resolve will not waver. We may have had a stumbling block but we won’t stop,” said PM Modi

He added that in literature and art, it will be noted that we romanticized the moon so much that Chandrayaan rushed to embrace the moon.

“The entire nation was awake last few hours in solidarity with our scientists. We came close. We are proud of our space program and scientists. Their hard work and determination has ensured a better life for citizens.

“I want to tell our scientists, India is with you. You are exceptional professionals. You have given your best always and will give us more reasons to do so in future,” said PM Modi.

He also added a Hindi proverb, “You are not those who draw lines on butter, but etch lines on stone.”

“I salute your families for the silent support they give you. It’s the journey and effort that counts. I can say both were worth it. Our team worked hard. We will look back at the journey with pride. We have a history and culture of not being deterred by failure and ISRO is an example of that. If it wasn’t, ISRO wouldn’t be counted as among the premier space agencies.

“I’d told you last night, and today again. I’m with you. The country is with you. All struggle, all effort yields some result.

“Even if Chandrayaan2 didn’t end as planned, remember the journey was fantastic. Our orbiter, is making grand revolutions, around the moon.

“India is among the world’s space powers. Remember, you are the ones who went to Mars successfully on the first attempt. We have told the world about water on the moon. We have launched 100 satellites in one shot. ISRO’s success cannot be ‘off trajectory’ when we have an encyclopaedia of successes.

“We have to move ahead, move on, and success will be ours. In 21st century, no temporary obstacle can halt our progress. As I said, science isn’t satisfied by results alone. It wants effort unceasingly. I’ve come to meet you to take inspiration from you. You are all living examples of inspiration and I congratulate you all,” said PM Modi.

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