China gains trigger American decline

-: R Muthu Kumar :-

China’s efficiency in both the 2008 crisis & the Covid-19 outbreak is opening the eyes of world to see a geopolitical shift in who issuper power. As US continues with its disastrous pandemic response, the greater the shift will be.

In handling the present crisis, Beijing has brought it rapidly under control – the number of domestically transmitted cases was reduced to virtually zero by the end of March. In the US and Western Europe, on the contrary, the number of cases is rising vertiginously with no peak in sight.

How did China achieve this, and what is its international impact?

Technically, China’s means of controlling the coronavirus were not unknown – quarantines, deliveries of essentials to homes to allow the population to stay indoors, compulsory mask wearing, testing, transfer of medical personnel to affected areas. China certainly implemented these far more rigorously than the US and Western Europe.

The most fundamental issue was that China started from a real understanding of human rights as they affect the real lives of people – not the artificial constructs of Western, purely formal ‘human rights.’ In a lethal epidemic, the key human right is to stay alive. The struggle against the coronavirus was on such a scale that it had to be carried out as a war – in China, it is frequently referred to as a ‘People’s War’ against the virus.

The US is now the world leader in coronavirus infections.The United States has the most confirmed cases globally at over 160,500. More than 3,000 people have died in the US — over 1,200 in New York State.

With the spread of the coronavirus around the world, America’s health-care system faces its greatest challenge in decades.

President Donald Trump has empowered the US Food and Drug Administration to provide flexibility to those in the private sector who are stepping up by manufacturing critical medical products and distributing food supplies.

The 2020s have opened with the sudden shock of a global pandemic. Economists are downgrading their growth forecasts for countries all over the world, and the United States’ record-long economic expansion is at risk of coming to an abrupt end.

For the first time since at least the 1850s, when record keeping began, the United States traversed a full decade without suffering a single recession. Although many Americans were initially disappointed with the pace of the recovery, the United States grew significantly faster than other developed economies, and faster than many developing economies, as well. Defying the many declinist forecasts—one major global bank predicted in 2010 that China would overtake the United States by 2020—the United States actually expanded its share of global GDP during the 2010s, from 23 percent to 25 percent.

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