City of pearls and ports

Thoothukudi, also popularly known as Tuticorin is located in the Southeastern coast of the State of Tamil Nadu. The city is famous for its pearl diving, hence has also been christened as “Pearl town”. It is also a famous ‘Port town’. Chennai is located at a distance of 600 km of from Thoothukudi city.
For the lovers of the sea, Thoothukudi is the ideal tourist destination. The port of the city is one of the most important and attractive tourist sites. Popular for its parks, heritage sites and food. The city is also famous for the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI). Other attractions are Manapad Kalugumalai, Ottapidaram Ettayapuram, Korkai Athichanallur, Vanchi Maniyachi and Panchalankurichi Nava Thiruppathi.
A Journey Into History
Thoothukudi was known as ‘Thiru Mandir Nagar’ in the past. Legends say that the Hanuman had camped in Thoothukudi on his way to Lanka while he was searching for Sita. The name of the city is also said to have derived from the word Thoothan which means ‘messenger’. It is also believed that the name could have come from the two words “Thoorthu” which means ‘land reclaimed from the sea’ and “Kudi” which means ‘settlement’. The city has been famous as a port town since history, during the Pandyan rule and also it as a famous seaport.
Hare Island
The Hare Island is around 9 km from the old bus stop of Thoothukudi city, and it lies by the port. The island has two light houses and numerous sea shells on the shores. Peacocks can also be spotted in the island. The island is a popular picnic spot today for both locals and tourists.
Aqua Outback
Experience the chance to reconnect with beauty, adventure and freedom off the Coromandel Coast. Marvel at the diversity of nature off the coral reefs and mangrove forests of the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere. There’s no lack of things to do out here at Aqua Outback. They have a range of free and paid activities, and some special day trips as well. Some activities are, Kayaking, snorkeling, sushi making, ocean exploration and many more.
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Thoothukudi Macroons
Stuffed with cashew and shaped into a cone with a round base, bulging middle and a pointed peak. Unlike other Indian pedas with ethnic flavours, the Thoothukudi macaroon is a European export.
One special thing about Tuticorin Macaroons is that macaroons are traditionally made from ground almonds, Tuticorin macaroons have cashew nuts as their major ingredient.
Some lengendary stores here are
Gnanam Bakery, Dhanlakshmi bakery, Ganesh bakery.
Ettayapuram Palace
Ettayapuram is known to be the birthplace of Tamil poets Mahakavi Bharathiar and Umaru Pulavar. Muthuswami Dikshitar, one of the triad of Carnatic music was patronized in his final years by the ruler of Ettayapuram.
Ettaiyapuram estate was a zamindari estate situated in the Ettayapuram taluk. It was then ruled by the Telugu Nayak dynasty whose ancestors hailed from Chandragiri in present-day Andhra Pradesh. During an invasion of Alauddin Khalji, Kumaramuttu Nayak the founder of the dynasty migrated from Chandragiri to Tirunelveli where he was granted the region comprising the later-established Ettaiyapuram estate. The town of Ettaiyapuram was established in 1567.
Things to see here are Bharathiar’s House, Bharathy’s Memorial, Ettappan’s Palace, Vetkaliamman Temple, The Great Pandyan Pond and Jemini & Savithri drinking Water Tank

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