Commendable recital by Amirtha Murali

Chennai, Dec 13:
Amirtha Murali deserves special kudos for her Carnatic Music performance at the Trinity Arts Festival of India on December 12th at the Rasika Ranjani Sabha, Mylapore. She was ably supported by L.Ramakrishnan on violin and S.J.Arun Ganesh on Mridangam.
Amirtha Murali began with Mysore Vasudevachar number, Lambodaram avalambe in Kambhoji raga thrilled the audience with gracefulness linked to high standard that compelled the rapt attention of the audience.
If good music is one that lingers in the minds of audience, the Kutcheri of Ms Amirtha and her team mates to be commended.
The krithi rendition, raga alapana, swara singing of Amirtha’s vocal performance for the Saint Thyagaraja’s krithi Sundarataradeham in Pantuvarali Adi Talam, Shyama Satri’s Mina Lochana in Dhanyasi under Misrachapu, Dikshitar Krithi on Guruguhaya in Sama, and also Saint Thyagaraja’s Varanarada in Vijayashri in Adi Talam displayed a rare sensitivity in handling delicate ragas.
Amirtha Murali has brought the attention of the audience when she came with late Papanasam Sivan’s Saravanabhava Guhane in Madhyamavathi and also another number of Sivan Petra Thai in ragamalika virutham followed by Paadamey Thunai.
Apart from the Trinities of Music Saint Thyagaraja, Muthusamy Dikshidhar and Syama Sastrigal, Sadashiva Brahmendral who hailed from Pudukottai and lead an austere life also wrote some songs in praise of God and this was well brought out by Amirtha. The vocalist the number of Brahmendral Pibare Rama rasam in Yamuna Kalyani had thrilled the audience, with slowly gravitating towards her melodious voice with the impeccable performance of her pakka vaadhiyams.
No Carnatic music is end without rendering of the Purandaradasa Kritis and this the Vocalist Amirtha Murali had made it a point by rending Devaki Nandana in Ragamalika.

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