Cool Off At Nuwara Eliya

Often referred to as ‘Little England’, this highland community does have vaguely British-country-village feel to it, with its colonial-era bungalows, Tudor-style hotels, well-tended gardens and pretty parks.

A few hours from Colombo, Nuwara Eliya sits in the hill country in eternal temperate winter and is charmingly called “Little England”, due to it being where British settlers built their holiday bungalows and spent their down time.

Things to do here:

Pedro Tea Estate

“Tea is the elixir of life”. Do you relate to this world-famous quote by Lao Tzu? Undeniably many of us will relate to it as tea lovers are spread all over the world and nothing can be better than relishing the aromas of pure Ceylon tea. Pedro Tea Estate offers its guests to roam around the lush green tea plantations and even to learn the intricacies of tea processing. So, make space in your Nuwara Eliya activities list for the tea tasting ritual of the City of Lights.

Gregory Lake

Go for fishing at Gregory Lake to add the fun element in your trip. Not only is it popular among travelers for fishing but you can also hire a rowing boat, Swan paddle boat or a water scooter to explore the scenic lake.

Horton Plain National Park

Nuwara Eliya has a lot to offer to your restless feet. One can go for hiking from the Horton Plain National Park to the bewitching Ela town. You can absorb the beauty of Nuwara Eliya through the thick forest, pristine waterfall and fascinating rocky landscape by going on this adventurous trek.

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