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Dark cave tourism, Thailand

Dark cave tourism, Thailand

Dark cave tourism, Thailand

The statue of the Thai Navy SEAL who died during rescue operations.

One year ago, on June 23 a young football team called Wild Boars entered a cave in Thailand as a part of a fun exploration after practice with their coach. The team made up mostly of poor or stateless teenagers got stuck in rising waters in the cave for 18 days until the miraculous rescue carried out by Thai Navy SEAL and professional divers from across the World. Graphics and maps were produced of how the boys dressed in wet suits and flippers would swim in a buddy system tethered to expert divers up and down the treacherous subterranean labyrinth to the surface.

During the rescue, Saman Gunan, Thai Navy SEAL diver died after oxygen ran out in his tank attempting to establish an air line to the children and their coach.

One year later, tourists snap selfies by a bronze statue of the diver who died trying to save the ‘Wild Boars’ football team from a flooded cave, while momentos from their rescue fly off the shelves , scooped up by the 1.3 million people who have descended on a once serene mountainside in northern Thailand. For a few dollars tourists can get framed photos at the site, pick up posters of the footballers and take home a souvenir t-shirt — some printed with the face of Saman Gunan the Thai diver who died in the bid to save the group.

Tham Luang Cave

Tham Luang Nang Non literally translates to ‘Great Cave of the Sleeping Lady’ near the village of Pong Pha, in northern Thailand. It lies beneath a mountain range on the border with Myanmar. he system is 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) long and has many deep recesses, narrow passages and tunnels winding under hundreds of metres of limestone strata.

Tourists inflow to the location has been rising gradually after the grave rescue of the young footballers. The cave is not fully open to tourists, but some safe parts of it are described as serene and peaceful. Though the cave experience is similar to any other, the highlight of this cave is the opening in the cave roof which draws natural sunlight from various angles.

Beautiful stalactites and stalagmites in the daytime, help illuminate the interior beauty of the area.

After descending into the cave once you reach the bottom, Buddha statues are placed at the bottom around stalactites formations.

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