Delhi airport gears to handle 380 domestic flights

New Delhi , May 24:

As India is set to resume its domestic civil aviation operations from May 25, the Delhi airport will be handling around 380 flights on Monday, a senior official said.

As per the directions of the Civil Aviation Ministry, domestic flight operations will resume after remaining suspended for about two months following the nationwide lockdown imposed to constrain the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Delhi airport will be handling around 380 domestic flights on Monday. There will be 190 departures and around 190 arrivals,” a senior government official said.

On Saturday, the Delhi airport’s operator DIAL said it has taken several measures including installation of automatic hand sanitisers at various places, putting floor markers, allocation of entry gates and check-in islands for departing passengers.

Just as you enter the airport, there is a floor mat sprayed with disinfectant, which is meant to prevent germs from entering the airport. “The mat is meant to absorb all the germs from people’s shoes to ensure complete hygiene.”

The entire floor has tape markings to ensure queues adhere to social-distancing guidelines, and passengers need to cross two stages before they are allowed to enter the airport.

The CISF security personnel who check tickets will stand behind a glass shield. Once passengers have presented their tickets and identity proof, they will have to take a step back and remove their masks so that the personnel can verify their identity.

There are changes to the security check too. All passengers will be made to stand at a metre’s distance for the security pat-down, which will be conducted with a handheld screening device, without any contact. In case someone needs to be checked further, a security staffer wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) gear will be called in to pat down the passenger.

Washrooms will be shut every hour for sanitisation, and all surfaces such as chairs, elevators, railings, and trollies will also be regularly sanitised.

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