Delightful Davao!

Davao City is on the Southern Philippine island of Mindanao. It is a popular tourist destination because it has got a lot of varied sites that you can visit. There are different kinds of museums and parks that you can visit. The place is also a home to one of the tallest mountains, Mount Apo. The local markets give a great taste into how the life is here at Davao City.

Crocodile Park

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Davao city is the Crocodile Park, which is home to thousands of crocodiles. Yes, thousands! They’ve got both freshwater and saltwater crocs that are bred and born on site. You can visit the incubator room where you’ll see hundreds of crocodile eggs growing baby crocs! Beyond the crocodiles, you’ll also have the chance to see monkeys, snakes, birds, and other reptiles. The Crocodile Park offers educational tours, lectures, and offers public awareness of wildlife conservation efforts. All around, a great place.

Monfort Bat Colony

This is one of the most unusual sights in the Philippines! The Monfort Bat Colony is a must-visit when in Samal. Here, you can see small caves filled with millions of Geoffroy’s Rousettes fruit bats, which call the sanctuary home. The caves are so tightly covered with these bats that the cave walls look like one dark living mass.

Island Buenavista

Gather 10 of your favorite people and plan the most incredible overnight stay on your very own private island off the coast of Davao! Island Buenavista is a small, pristine island with white sand beaches, clear water, full staff, comfortable accommodation, delicious meals, and water activities, if you please. For just PhP 105,000, your crew gets all of that to themselves! The island is yours, which means complete privacy and total security with no day trips from random tourists.

Philippine Eagle Centre

Every dollar that comes through the Philippine Eagle Center is put towards Eagle conservation and education. This incredible center dedicates time and efforts toward protecting endangered eagle species while opening up an interesting platform for the public.During your visit, you will watch eagles feeding on raw meat as they cut into it with their sharp claws and beak, watch eagles soar around the property with huge wingspans, and take some up-close and personal photos!

Davao Durian & Fruit Stands

“Tastes like heaven but smells like hell”, Durian is considered as the symbol of the city. There’s no better place to try the exotic Durian than at the fruit markets in Davao. Head to the street-side fruit stalls fronting Magsaysay Park and have the sellers crack open a fruit. After you get used to the strong signature odor, take a pinch of the golden pulp and savor the creamy goodness. Bangkerohan Market is also a great place to go for a more local market feel.

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