Denmark and Norway to reopen for tourist trips from June 15

Starting from June 15, Norwegians wishing to travel to Denmark for whatever purpose will be able to do so after two months of border closure between the two Nordic states. Danes will also be able to travel to Norway after both countries have agreed to reopen for tourist trips between the two countries from mid- June.

Announcing the decision, the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg noted that since earlier in May, the Nordic countries have been working on common Nordic solutions for leisure travel in the Nordic countries.

She, however, noted that travellers would need to respect the rules and protection measures related to the Coronavirus pandemic, in order to avoid another outbreak in any of the two countries.

She also noted that the Norwegian government has informed the other Nordic countries that until June 15, Norway can establish the same type of principle approach for opening with them, as the one with Denmark.

We need to talk to Iceland, Sweden and Finland. Today there are areas in all the Nordic countries with little infection, but in some Nordic countries, there are also areas with too high infection. This means that we cannot have a general opening in Nordic countries right away. That is why the principles I now come up with are important when we reopen,” she emphasized while announcing the decision.

She further listed the principles she asserted were important for reopening the Nordic countries for travel and tourism, the main of which were:

  • All travellers with COVID-19-relevant symptoms must self-monitor and isolate themselves.
  • An agreement must be reached between the infection control authorities on criteria for identifying regions with particularly high infection pressure.
  • The infection control authorities in countries with such regions must encourage the inhabitants of these areas not to visit other Nordic countries. It is assumed that other countries will ask their citizens not to visit such areas.

She also advised Norwegians planning to travel to Denmark after June 15 to familiarize with Denmark’s updated guidelines at all times and follow them.

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