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Devi Theatre gears to screen more classics as it turns 50

Devi Theatre gears to screen more classics as it turns 50

Devi Theatre gears to screen more classics as it turns 50

Chennai, May 23:

Theatres have been shut this entire lockdown, and the future might look bleak for some screens. In the last few years many theatres have undergone change and have taken new avatars like marriage hall, malls, housing complex.

But Devi cineplex stands tall against all odds a favourite with Chennai’s movie-going audiences since 1970.

The theatre has a rich cinematic history, with the first screening held on May 23, 1970, for the film Sweet Charity

It is a symbol of architectural beauty and design, it is located in the very heart of Chennai City, housing multi-level State of the art four Cinema halls vi. Devi, Devi Paradise, Devi Bala, Devi Kala on different floors of the same building. Devi complex has turned 50 years of its existence as the theatre was opened on May 23, 1970 with the screening of ‘Sweet Charity’ in 70 MM screening, the people behind the theatre has used this lockdown time to spruce it up.
“Like a professional sportsmen who is injured, but he is not out!

We the family behind Devi Cineplex will bounce back and always entertain the film lovers with our upgraded technologies,” the theatre’s management assure.
As part of that, the audio has now been equipped with the top-of-the-line Barco Series 2 Projector. With new additions in the screen and sound department, the cinema hall — which boasts four screens — seems to be looking to carry on despite the advent of OTT platforms.

The 70s saw classics like ‘Diamonds are forever’, Burglars, starring Charles Bronson and suave villianism o

As Devi turns 50, and this being the 150 anniversary of Mahatma it will be apt to have a rerelease of 1982 mega hit ‘Gandhi’ screened in their majestic 70MM and engulfed with their latest in audio technologies.

Devi complex proudly displays that it has Devi Audi equipped with the Top of the Line Barco Series II Projector – DCI COMPLIANT DP2K-32B for its unmatched quality, image sharpness and brightness, vibrant colours and exceptionally rich contrast and it is also backed with Qube XP-I digital server-IMB. The newly installed amazing High Gain screen with SEAMLESS JOINTS TECHNOLOGY with a CURVILINEAR width of 72 feet and 30 feet 6 inches height and with a projection distance of 133 feet with an amazing projection quality. It is also equipped with DTS Digital Sound System with JBL Professional Amplifiers and Speakers (USA) and Strong (U.S.A.) Ultra 80 Xenon lamp 7000 Watts Projection System, German make ERNEMANN 7000 Watts Projection System and Strong Endless Loop Platter System, the first of its kind in Chennai. Devi has a capacity of 838 seats.

The digital TV has brought to our homes 4K broadcast with audio that spell bounds us, but when lockdown ends every one wishes to immerse in the great open world.

With such huge capacity Devi theatre offers convenience of Social Distancing twined with amazing screen effect to wow the movie goers.
The four cinema halls are fully Air-conditioned with chilled water system, comfortably cushioned push back seats, tastefully done interiors, subdued lighting and all modern amenities in every respect. The building has a smooth flowing ramp connecting all floors besides two semi circular elevators. Each Elevator can carry 10 persons. The Elevators have Power Door Centre Opening Glass Door over SS Frames. Safety features of the Elevators are, Digital Position Indicator in Landings, Battery Operated Emergency Light & Alarm Bell, Infra Red Door Screen, Fireman Switch & Overload Indicator.
The entire complex is powered with captive generator sets totaling 735 KVA.

Devicineplex is the first to introduce online reservation for car parking and valet parking facility

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The lockdown challenge

The managing director and the moving force of the Devi Cineplex KN Varadarajan commenting on how they are coping with the lockdown says, ‘We decided not to give-up against COVID-19. We have equipped our self to provide uninterrupted and safe movie experience post pandemic. Cinema Hall, seats, floors, door handles etc were frequently sanitized as per the Government guidelines.

Temperature of staffs are monitored regularly. Staff are insisted to wear face mask and wash their hands regularly during their work hours.

Restrooms were sterilized on regular intervals.

Car parking and two wheeler are sanitized regularly on daily basis.

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