Dog rides bike with two passengers

The world keeps surprising now and then. In a video shared by a Twitter user, a dog can be seen riding a bike all by himself with two pillion riders. And this video has gone viral for all kinds of reasons.

This video clip has been doing the rounds on social networking sites like Twitter and Reddit and is inviting all kinds of comments. In the video, the dog is driving the bike with its two paws and two people sitting behind him.

It is not clear where and by whom the video was shot, but the range of comments it received shows that people have all kinds of reactions to it. One Twitter user wrote, “Much more satisfying than sticking your head out of the car window.” Another user wrote joked and commented, “In future I think dogs will act as a cab driver.” Some users even pointed out that the dog should be wearing a helmet, and others were worried about the safety of the dog. One of them wrote, “Heeey the dog is not wearing helmet.”

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