Earliest known animal journey on earth!

The fossil of a spiky worm found in china has created a hype among the geologists, giving them a huge evidence of evolution immortalizing both the worm and its final journey in a slab of rock. This ancient critter of southern china has achieved a posthumous claim to fame that any millipede’s mother would be proud of.

It was found that more than half a billion years ago this worm moved along a stretch of sediment underwater, paused, and left a detailed imprint of its undercarriage in the wet earth. Then it moved a little further and died. Its body, seven inches long and segmented, became a fossil. So did its near-final resting place, creating a mortichnia: a body preserved with its final “death march.”

This was at least 10 million years before the start of the Cambrian Explosion, during which many of the animal groups that exist today appeared, and more than twice as long ago as the appearance of the first dinosaurs. The creature, Yilingia spiciformis named after the Yiling district in which it was discovered was found to be a complicated one by the standards of the Ediacaran Period says, geologists.

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