Emphasis on ‘what to think’ in New education policy, says PM

New Delhi , Aug 8:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said the new National Education Policy (NEP) focusses on ‘how to think’, while the education system till now in the country emphasised on ‘what to think’.

Referring to the policy as foundation of “new India,” the prime minister asked all stakeholders to focus on implementation of reforms laid down in the new policy.

“NEP has given rise to a healthy debate and the more we discuss and debate the more it will benefit the education department. It is palpable that questions will arise on how this huge plan will be implemented. We all will together do this implementation. Each one of you is directly involved in implementation of the NEP. In terms of political will, I am totally committed and with you,” he said.

The prime minister made these remarks while delivering the inaugural address at the Conclave on Transformational Reforms in Higher Education under National Education Policy’ via video link.

He also said that there were no major changes in the country’s education system over the years. As a result, instead of promoting values ??of curiosity and imagination, herd mentality got encouraged.

“In recent years, there have not been major changes in education and thus the values of curiosity and imagination were not given the thrust. Instead, we moved towards a herd community. The mapping of interest, ability, and demand was needed. We need to develop critical thinking and innovative thinking abilities in our youths. It will be possible if we have purpose, philosophy, and passion of education,” he said.

“Till now, we have focussed on what to think but NEP 2020 focuses on how to think. At a time when there is a flood of information and content, it is important that we know which information is necessary and which is not. We need inquiry-based, discovery-based, and analysis-based modes of teaching. This will increase the interest to learn and participate in class,” he said.

Modi said it is a matter of happiness that after the introduction of the National Education Policy, no region or section has said that it has any kind of bias, or is leaning towards one side.

“We are also trying to ensure that the talent of India stays in India and works for the development of generations to come,” said the prime minister.

The NEP allows top ranking institutes of the world to set-up campuses in India.


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