Experience power of mother nature with a sense of adventure

Experience power of mother nature with a sense of adventure

Experience power of mother nature with a sense of adventure

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Volcano tourism is on the rise around the world. Of the world’s 1,500 active volcanoes, here are some to put on your travel bucket list.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Last known eruption: 6,40,000 years ago

Arguably the most impressive of all U.S. National Parks, Yellowstone sits squarely over an active supervolcano. Below ground, earthquakes are happening all the time (1,000 to 3,000 per year!) which the University of Utah Seismograph Station tracks closely.

Watch Geysers Erupt and See giant colorful Hot springs

Mount Vesuvius, Italy

Last known eruption: Hasn’t erupted since 1944

History buffs know that an eruption by Mount Vesuvius buried the ancient Roman city of Pompeii under a thick carpet of volcanic ash in 79 A.D.

Get to the rim of Vesuvius, take the commuter train from Naples or Sorrento and get off at Pompeii. After a steep 30minute trek, reach the volcano and look within.

Hekla, Iceland

Last known eruption: 26 February 2000

Volcano tourism is a big reason Iceland is a red-hot destination these days. Located on the mid-Atlantic Ridge, a tectonic plate boundary, Iceland features 30 active volcanic systems.

The endless other ways to experience the country’s volcanoes include exploring the lava fields. Or enjoy a mud bath.

Mount Etna, Italy

Last known eruption: 2014 to 2019 (Ongoing)

Mount Etna is one of the world’s most active volcanoes and is in an almost constant state of activity.

At nearly 11,000 feet, Mount Etna, on the east coast of Sicily, is the continent’s tallest and most active volcano. UNESCO World Heritage recognized this mountain in 2013 for its “exceptional level of volcanic activity.”

It’s one of the most accessible; when conditions permit, you can hike or take a cable car or shuttle bus all the way up to the summit.


Watching a lava flow (from a safe distance) on a starry night should be one every travelers’ Italian bucket list.

But BEWARE the notion of hovering over a pit of molten lava and sulfurous gas may seem like a once-in-a-lifetime experience — and sometimes it may turn into just that. Stay cautious during your treks, and take them only under certified tour professionals.

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