Fart show becomes flop show!

The much hyped one-of-a-kind farting competition that had 200-odd men and women from cities like Mumbai, Jaipur and Dubai registered for it turned out to be a flop show as just three showed up, of whom one was from the host city.

Two Surat residents, Yatin Sangoi and Mul Sanghvi held a bizarre contest called the ‘India’s ‘first’ fart competition. Sangoi said, “About 25 days back I was watching a movie with my family when I farted loudly and everyone laughed. That’s when I thought if there’s a competition, I could be a winner. However, there are none in India. I discussed with my friends and decided to hold this event.”

According to a report, the local representative walked into the odourless room to great fanfare despite being about three hours late and, like the other participants, walked out with a cash prize of Rs 2,500 and a fragrant hamper that shamed him more than his failure to fart.

It further said that the host pleaded the participants to “Fart from the heart,” but the only air that the fart contest in Surat on Sunday managed to emit was one of amused disappointments.No woman participant turned up though many of them had sent entries. Though the event turned out to be a flop Sangoi insisted that he hadn’t find as much fame through the TV talent show as he had through “this weird thing”.

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