Fido Dido is back, 7UP provokes nostalgia

Fido Dido is back, 7UP provokes nostalgia

Fido Dido is back, 7UP provokes nostalgia

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Chennai March 20 :

Want to find some chill during a hot long day? What better way to ‘Put the chill’ in life than having refreshing 7UP.

7UP refreshing cool drink with natural lemon flavour, their mascot Fido Dido, along with ‘Indhu namma aalu’ actress Adah Sharma gave chennaites #Chillcation goals with a never seen before experience at Express Avenue mall.

Nobel Dhingra, Director flavours (7UP and Miranda) and Area 3 countries, Pepsico India along with Adah Sharma, unveiled the ‘7UP Chillcation’, an on ground experience which give consumers 4 different vacation adventures in a span of 4 minutes.

Through the ‘Put the Chill’ campaign, Fido Dido, the witty, wriggly – haired mascot known for his quirky, fun attitude is all set to show consumers how to handle any situation with a sense of calm and humour. Through all his quirky one liners Aka fidosophies, the ageless mascot reiterates the brand’s belief that there is no point stressing about stressful situations.

With Fido’s cool comeback, 7UP isn’t just provoking nostalgia but it’s also encouraging people to slow down, appreciate the little things in life, introducing the character and his mentality to a new generation.

During the event, actress Adah Sharma shared a few personal experiences where she needed to ‘Put the Chill’ in her life ” As an actress with hectic work schedules, learning dance routines and spending personal time, sometimes it is tough to make decisions. 7UP has a really cool campaign where people can take a step back before making decisions”

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