First ever ‘dog-toilet’ at Osaka airport


Japan’s Osaka Airport has become more dog friendly by introducing ‘pee poles’, a first of its kind dogs toilet.

It’s quite understandable how difficult it gets when you are traveling with your loyal dogs. Also, the high amount you pay for your airfare just to make sure your pet is safe and meet the airline’s requirements. Add to it the woes of wondering where to take your dog to “relieve”, it gets really problematic at the airports.

Understanding this issue, the Osaka International Airport (ITAMI) in Japan has come up with an interesting solution. The airport has come with a first-of-its-kind dog toilet, which will be available only to those traveling with their furry friends.

The brand new facility will be available at the airport’s pick-up and drop-off area. There is a dedicated region for pets, where they can relieve themselves. A statement released by the airport read, “the space is expected to reduce the stress of pets and improve the convenience and comfort for pet owners.”

The pets will be able to sniff around the outdoor space at this dedicated space. They can also drink water, and use the pee pole to relieve themselves. The “pee pole” is quite interesting as it also washes and flushes the waste.

Not only this, the said space also features a small shower for those who are cleanliness freaks. For the pets’ humans, there’s a bench installed where they can sit and watch their furry companions do their business or keep an eye on them.

The service is only for those traveling with their pets. Service dogs can use the space nearby the new dog toilet as well as dedicated spots inside the terminal. The timings for the doggo toilet is 5:30 AM to 10 PM every day at the Osaka Airport.

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