Fish’s funeral song!

Fish’s funeral song!

Fish’s funeral song!


A group of students in the University of Texas in Austin recently organised a funeral service for a fish that lived in an aquarium on campus. The detailed funeral service for Loompa the fish featured music, song and a eulogy, and was attended by students from an entire dormitory. A video of the service has now taken social media by storm.

First-year students decided to organise a solemn service to honour the life of a silver carp named Loompa, “the beloved brother of Oompa” after it passed away suddenly towards the end of January. Flyers asked people to dress in black and bring “respect and tears” to the service at the Honors Quad Courtyard in the campus.

The ceremony saw mourning, songs and the dead fish was placed in a makeshift coffin that was fashioned out of a pen case. The fish was also adorned with a bow-tie and students solemnly carried the casket to the service.

Hosted on a weekend, there was a great turnout for the evening service. One student sang the Lady Gaga song Shallow and the service ended with the cremation of the fish in the courtyard.

The videos and photos went viral on social media. While people were touched by the ceremony, some criticised the use of a barbecue grill to conduct the cremation.

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